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26th – 30th April 2021

Take part in the Global Action Week for Education!

What is the Global Action Week for Education?

We are an international coalition comprising NGOs, unions from the educational sphere, school centres and social movements of all kinds, reflecting our call to action to ensure full compliance with the international commitments signed by the Member States to guarantee access to a quality education for everyone in the world.

The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) emerged in 2000 with the aim of raising awareness and encouraging citizens to take action as spokespeople and activists for the Right to Education, and to call upon political representatives to fulfil their commitments to this Right.

Access our Political Manifesto here!

What is the GAWE?

This is a week in which over 124 countries – working to guarantee the right to education – take action to get the attention of the educational community, the media, society in general and above all, political representatives, about the need to make the right to a quality education real and effective for everyone in the world, framed within the 2030 Agenda SDG 4: Guarantee an inclusive, equitable and quality education

This year, under the slogan “A billion voices”, the #GAWE2021 will address the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the education of over a billion people around the world, and which is worsening the current world educational funding crisis.

Ayuda en Acción


During the peak of the pandemic (between late March and mid-April 2020), school closures affected some 90% of the student population. The right to education of 1.5 billion children and young people around the world was affected.

Over a billion students, more than a billion voices with a story that deserves to be heard, a story that we want to make more visible through these materials.

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Teaching Units

We are providing school centres with teaching materials to raise awareness and to educate people about the importance of guaranteeing the right to education and its correct funding. This year our approach uses the theme of emotions.

Mobilisation Activity

#ABillionVoice encourages citizens to take action through a global movement to address the most pressing educational crisis of all times. In Spain, this is an opportunity for the educational community and citizens to join forces and call for adequate education funding.

The activity has been designed to follow up the educational suggestions presented in the teaching units, performed in the classroom, or in other informal education spaces.

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